At the moment we are recruiting people into our team. It will take a couple of days to consider the application and then we will let you know about the outcome. Guys, if you don't make it into the team, please, don't get discouraged: grow, improve your results and give it a try next time. We will be happy to have you
in MountainTeam Global. Vamos, amigos!

Your full name:
Date of birth:
Country of residence:
Your e-mail:
Your Skype:
Your WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram (please indicate which messenger):
Note. A "PrintScreen" can be made from a browser or using such software as LightShot, Gyazo, Joxi. Next, it's necessary to save the image in Google docs file, enable file sharing and copy shareable link into the appropriate text box.
Links to Poker forum accounts (2+2, Pocketfives, PokerStrategy, and so on). Also links to personal blogs/online diaries (if any):
Your UserID's in the online poker sites (all of them must be enabled and open to search in SharkScope):
Results №1. Link to a screenshot of an all-time alias chart on SharkScope (all UserID's):
Results №2. Link to a screenshot of an alias chart on SharkScope from January 1, 2017:
Link to a screenshot from Holdem Manager/Poker Tracker/Hand2Note for the last 100,000 hands in MTT on bb>499 by position, including stats: VPIP, PFR, EVbb/100, bb/100, RFI (open raises) for the most recent 18 months:
Tell us briefly about yourself and your poker career:
Have you played with backers in the past? If so, please provide references. Are you ready for a several months to a year commitment?
How did you learn about MountainTeam?
If you found out about us from the livestream/blog post/social network, please specify the name of the source/person:

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