In this section we compiled your frequently asked questions and our comprehensive answers. You can find detailed information about our coaches and the team, our mission, work results, conditions and requirements on the corresponding pages of this website.

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How will I benefit from joining your team apart from backing?
Our team puts a huge emphasis on training, we realize that a good poker player needs to work constantly on his/her game to improve and stay on the top. We try to give our players the best coaching that is available on the market. You will be coached in various formats by a few of the most successful players and coaches of the Mountain Team. Our players regularly analyze their hands in our discord channels, arrange team reviews and live streams. We will help you out with different software setups, choose the best poker sites you can play on, help you with the tournament grid, and more importantly we will make everything that is in our power to help you advance and gain a foothold on higher stakes.
How is the training process organized?
All the information about our trainers can be found in the corresponding section of our website. We do not divide players into groups, all of our team members grow and develop together. The process consists of one coaching session/seminar per week (at least 4 per month). Moreover, the players regularly team up to work on their game, because self-development is the key to success in poker.
How long does the contract last?
The term of the contract is the same for everyone - 1500 tournaments, however, if the profit of 1500 average buy-ins is reached by a player and if there are no breaches of the contract, the player is allowed to end the cooperation ahead of schedule.
Do I have to play a certain minimum number of tournaments per month?
Yes, our players have to play at least 400 tournaments per month. Nevertheless, you can have a leave of absence for a specific reason, so you don't have to worry if you're planning a renovation, relocation, vacation, or any other important reason.
Is it possible to sign the contract on individual terms?
No. All the people in our team are on equal terms, we share the profit at the rate of 50/50 between a player and the team, which surely promotes creating a positive climate in the team.
What does the profit consist of?
Profit means all net profit earned by the player during the collaboration, including all bonuses, rakeback, promotions, tournament tickets/dollars or any other type of player loyalty rewards.
What stakes will I start playing?
The team has a system of ranks that is a no-brainer. After joining the team you can easily figure out the ranks system and our tournament grid. ABI varies from $0.99 to $25. At the initial stage of collaboration, we will individually discuss the most suitable ABI for you. Usually, the starting ABI in the team is going to be the same as the one you have played profitably with a significant number of tournaments.
How fast will I grow?
We make decisions about the revision of stakes on an individual basis if a player has good results and win rates the permission to play a higher ABI is granted. If a player fails on the first attempt to gain a foothold on the new stakes, he/she will be returned to the previous ABI. After this, the player will need to show good results on the previous stakes and then make the same attempt again. This subject has never been an issue in our team, there were no misunderstandings or disputes throughout the existence of Mountain Team.
Does the backing cover other poker disciplines or LIVE poker? Can I play live tournaments/series during the span of the contract?
MountainTeam is a community of MTT players. Our team provides backing only for online tournaments, but nobody forbids you from playing live games at your own time and expense. However, you have an obligation to the team, so your priority is to attend all the coaching sessions and live streams, work with other players and play at least 400 tournaments per month.
Can I terminate the contract while I am in the red?
No, our co-operation is based on a full make-up system, and this concept means that the final settlement occurs only when the player has at least a zero balance.
How and when can I get my part of the winnings?
Upon reaching a profit of 100 ABI and higher a player can get his share if desired at any time. This calculation can be performed an unlimited number of times.