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Learning and personal growth.
Hard work without whining.
Turning teamwork into the best possible personal results.

Our Team

We are a dynamic team originally created with the vision of Pavel "MountainRo$e" Veksler with his close friends Vadim "vadka" Shlez and Yulia "lisyonok" Lisichkina for the Russian speaking poker community. After two and a half years of operation, we've grown from fourteen to a little under hundred players, most of whom achieved remarkable growth and results.

Our team founders have an extensive experience in poker, poker backing industry, working with people and organizing business processes, and with careful selection of candidates, they've been able to create a unique atmosphere where the players in this individual sport truly work together as a cohesive team. Besides actively participating in training sessions, our team members organize themselves to work on their game, share information and personal insights on what they were working on, and support each other as friends in success and failure.

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Why Us?

We believe in the power of unity and interaction - that a team is always more effective than a single player.
Learning, working and growing is much easier and more effective as a part of a team. It is very important for us that you and we match in terms of our values and goals.
That's because poker for us is not just our profession and passion. It is, without exaggeration, are our life and our path.
Very experienced coaches
Powerful coaching staff consisting of high stakes active players with years of coaching experience.
Unique combination of training methods
Our team combines the principles of training in special armed forces and professional sports teams - discipline, order and the pursuit for a common result.
Professional support
We share with players the cutting edge insights and the most recent developments in the game through live streams and group and personal consultations. Besides, we discuss articles on forums, poker videos, new software, news and much more.
A unique approach to learning
The training includes not only standard coaching, but also team analysis, work in small groups, live streams, and analysis of the game of all the team members and coaches.
We help with an individual choice of poker rooms, tournament grid, software and any other professional questions that may arise.
Individual approach to each participant
We are always in touch, ready to advise on any issue/question an individual will have in our team. Also experienced team members often help and advise newcomers.
Team support
The family atmosphere of mutual support in the team helps to get rid of bad habits and internal fears, helps in the fight against tilt and stimulates personal growth and development.

Our Achievements

We believe that our main achievement is people
united with the same values and aspirations.
General Statistics
For almost three years of existence, the Mountain Team, consisting of about 75 people, has played about 1,000,000 tournaments, and won more than $2,500,000.
Tournament grid
Team members have access to a structured grid of all tournaments online, which has been built by MountainRo$e who has many years of experience grinding and winning online. When questions arise, players always have accurate information about the priorities of the game selection.
Training process
We've conducted more than 600 hours of formal group coaching in addition to hundreds of hours of live streams by our permanent and guest coaches.
Knowledge database
Team members have access to all educational content, that includes videos from coaching and live streams, a database of hand analysis as well as unique strategies prepared by our team members.
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How to Join the Team

Please complete these 4 easy steps:
Fill out the application
Please give your details and poker data as well as tell us about your poker career.
Interview with us online
Introduce yourself, tell about your goals and what you expect from the team. Ask questions if you have any and get answers to them.
Sign the contract
Sign the contract and become a family member of our team.
You've become a part of the Team!
Be productive in your learning and work.
Mountain Team during work and fun activities.
Our Team Video
A meeting of Mountain Team members.